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Who is Dr Kevin Buckman

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Kevin Buckman MD FAAIM, DAAUCM, MACOEM, MRO completed his Medical School training at USC; he remained at USC for internship and 2nd year residency in Internal Medicine, and completed his training in Internal Medicine in 1981 at San Joaquin General Hospital, a UC Davis affiliate. He began his research in 1977 in the field of immunology, cancer, diabetes, and chronic diseases. His discovery of the role of Inflammation and Abnormal Cellular Environment in Cancer and immune disease in the 70’s has made him a leader in the field. His continuous research in this field has lead to his technologies in Non-Harmful Medicine with Early Diagnosis and Treatments, especially in the field of Women’s Health. He has published books including Find and Stop Breast Cancer, and Find and Stop Diabetes. He was recently a Speaker and Exhibitor at the International Cancer Conference and Forum 2010, Seoul, Korea, when he addressed many women’s health issues and solutions.

Dr. Buckman has served as Medical Director in various hospitals and institutions for over 25 years and has over 35 years of clinical experience. He has served as a member of the Executive Committee for six years at St. Dominic’s Hospital in Manteca, California. He has written many patents for new medical technologies. From 1986 to 1997 there were more than 50 Physicians on his roster under his Directorship at various institutions and hospitals. He also served as Medical Director for Dameron Hospital EMS Liaison from 2002 to 2003. He became Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Emergency Medicine in 1990.

He has received numerous Certifications and Specialty Training in the field of Medicine. He is a Fellow in the American Association of Integrated Medicine, and a certified Medical Review Officer. His other Specialties include: Internal Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He has over three decades of hospital and clinical experience and has served on over 15 hospital committees. He became Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine and a Diplomat in 2006.

He has presented research, published articles and books in the field of medicine, given lectures at numerous hospitals and at International Medical Conferences, exhibited Breast Cancer technologies, and has traveled in 68 countries.

He has received Post Graduate Training at Stanford University School of Business, and attended seminars with the Securities Exchange Institute. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the California College of Natural Medicine. He was the first US Physician to be accepted into the European Group for Breast Cancer Screening after his research in this field was accepted for publication and presentation at their international conference in Cyprus. For many years he has worked internationally to advance a number of medical technologies. He has had a special interest in Non-Harmful early detection of disease, with a primary focus on Breast Cancer and Diabetes, his research in the field preventive medicine, and his expertise in non-harmful new methods of medical treatment for cancer. His most recent Breast Cancer work was published at the International Cancer Conference and Forum 2010, in Seoul, Korea. He is currently serving on the Industry Advisory Board for the University of Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science and a Visiting Professor in Bioengineering, University of Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science.
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